Tax Residence Part 1: The Basics

Moving cross border can give rise to numerous issues from a tax perspective.  This webinar will provide attendees with
an understanding of these issues and the impact on both in and outbound individuals and entities.

Topics include:

  • Tax residency tests for individuals and companies under our domestic tax legislation
  • Tax residency and the Double Tax Agreement tie breaker tests
  • Transitional residency and its intricacies
  • Considerations for Trusts

The webinar will provide attendees with an understanding of the tax residency rules applying to individuals, companies
and Trusts.

The webinar will enable attendees to advise their clients in relation to tax planning in anticipation for a change of


Total CPD Hours: 1

Suited to:

  • Accountants (foundation, intermediate) preparing tax returns for new or transitional residents and those advising
    individuals and entities on tax residency issues.
  • Lawyers and other professionals dealing with new residents.



Richard Muth, Manager – Tax Advisory, Findex/Crowe

Richard is an experienced taxation practitioner at Findex / Crowe having more than 10 years of experience with
clients ranging from large multinational groups, Australasian groups, New Zealand based SMEs along with high
net worth individuals.

A core specialty of Richard’s is helping those who are looking to call New Zealand home understand what this
means for them from a tax viewpoint. Richard also helps those looking to take up opportunities overseas understand
how New Zealand will or will not tax them while they are away.

  • 5 May 2020
    10:00 am - 11:00 am
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