GST and Land 2020 (webinar)

Learn about the various GST issues that need to be worked through in relation to land.

There have been a number of changes to the GST rules as they relate to land owners over the last few years.  Knowing when
you can or should, register for GST, although simple on its face, has become more complicated. Then, once registered, determining
whether you need to make any use adjustments, and whether any transactions are or should be zero-rated can be a minefield. The impact of
GST must be understood for an increasing number of property owners and how it applies can change in seemingly similar situations.
Therefore, whether you are a property developer, landlord, undertaking a small subdivision or renting out a spare room on
Airbnb, the GST rules can have a significant impact which must be understood.

The session will provide an overview of the relevant GST rules and how they might apply in relation to a variety of land transactions,
with practical examples.

In particular, the webinar will cover:

  • When must or can a land owner register for GST?
  • Zero-rating of land – when and how the rules apply;
  • The application of apportionment rules that can apply;
  • Associated Use.
  • Impact on other assets.
  • Dealing with common issues that arise.

The webinar will cover a variety of practical examples, including, how the rules apply to land owners.

Upon satisfactory completion of this activity you will be able to:

  • Understand when you or your client must register for GST, if they have an interest in land:
  • Determine whether any sale or purchase will be zero-rated and what happens if things aren’t what they seem on the face of the
  • Understand when and how the apportionment rules apply:
  • Consider the impact that GST registration relating to land use can have on other assets:
  • Apply these to practical situations.


Total CPD Hours: 1.25


Suited to:
Accountants at all levels



Daniel, Associate Partner, Findex/Crowe

Daniel is an Associate Partner for Findex/Crowe in Queenstown.  Daniel has been with Findex/Crowe for 12 years, where he advises
on a wide range of tax matters, including property transactions and property ownership structures, international taxation issues, the tax
treatment of investments and providing structuring advice to clients, including assistance for family group restructures.  Daniel is
recognised as a leader in the taxation treatment of short stay accommodation, providing training to other practitioners.

  • 4 June 2020
    2:30 pm - 3:45 pm

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