Bright-line Test – Update 2020 (Webinar)


The bright-line test has changed the way many taxpayers look at property investing.  While this is intended to
tax those “speculating” on property, the reality is that the test actually captures a number of situations that would
not have previously been caught.

Restructuring groups can now result in taxable transactions and given the extension of the bright-line test to five
years, there are a significant number of taxpayers caught by the test.

The webinar will cover off the bright-line test, its application and work through various scenarios explaining where
the rules can catch you out.


Total CPD Hours: 1.25

Suited to: All levels of practitioners dealing with clients who own property



Jarod Chisholm, Senior Partner, Findex/Crowe

Jarod is a senior partner in the Otago Tax Team for Findex/Crowe and has been a regular presenter for TEO, presenting
on a wide range of topics in all areas of tax. Jarod’s background includes working in “Big 4” firms in Australia and
New Zealand in the tax domain and working for large corporates as a management accountant.

Jarod is recognised as an industry leader in the area of foreign investment and regularly assists other accountants/advisors
with their clients. He provides commercial, practical, tax advice in all areas of tax.

  • 11 February 2020
    10:00 am - 11:15 am

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